Why Choose NaviPath as your 1st Choice?

Your health depends on getting answers to your questions. Testing gives you the answers you need to make decisions about your care—even if you don’t have symptoms.

At least 70% of medical decisions are based on lab results. Most of the doctors are refering blood samples to NaviPath diagnostics and choose NaviPath as for partner of diagnostics.  

Accuracy and quality


Patients deserve accurate results. That’s why we collect enough specimen for testing. And it’s why our labs follow the industry’s highest standards. For Laboratory result, we are practicing industrial EQAS, to make sure report at higher level and accuracy.

Expertise and innovation


NaviPath offers more than 2000 tests and screenings. We test for the common and the complex tests—and we are allight with our international high level and branded laboratories to run the uncommon and specify tested which is not common in malaysia. 

Get the answers you need quickly


That's about 70% of medical decisions are based on lab reports. Otherwise, 40% of diagnostics may diagnos may wrongly.

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