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NaviPath Diagnostics Sdn Bhd commenced operations in late 2017, We have became one of the most well established and developed MALAYSIA based private medical laboratory. The NaviPath group of companies has been providing its services to the medical fraternity and the general public. NaviPath offers a total healthcare solution in helping the community in monitoring, maintaining and protecting one’s health.

  • Health Screening
  • Blood Test
  • Medical Check-Up
  • Medical Laboratory

  • Accurate

    we are participant in EQUS quality assurance programs. 

    External Quality Assessment (EQAprograms are accepted around the world as invaluable tools used by laboratories to periodically assess their analytical performance and achieve added confidence in reporting their patient test results.


    All the Medical Scientist is fully graduate with Medical Biological Science background, which are inclusive biotechnology science, Microbiology science, Medical laboratories Science

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