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Lau Hie ing

After checking, i raise  my cholesterol and trigleslete  is high. It is worth for the cash value packages.  

[Fish Oil Supplement ]

What You’ll Get  [Full Health Screening (66 tests ] + Free Omega Fish Oil 

( All the medical report will be consult by Doctors, attach with e-medical prescription)

"Most of the disease can be cure at the early stages, through the full body health check-up. "  But, mostly people only do the check-up when the situation getting worse or last stages. 

Dr. Yii Siik Hung


What You’ll Do Before the Come

Fasting for 8- 10 hours before coming for full body check-up to make sure the accuracy of report.

How long the report it be take?

Report will be ready within 2-3 working days. 

What should i do if my report have minor illness  issue?

Our medical doctors will give the full medical prescription, and patients can redeem those medication at nearby pharmacies.

 [Most of the patient come for diagnostic, when the illness come to the worse stage.  ]

Bsc. Microbiology (hons), 20 years in medical laboratories industrial. 

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